Key Findings

Fight the Fracture – International Osteoporosis Foundation Survey 2017

The new survey shows data on the perceptions of patients in Asia Pacific towards fragility fractures and osteoporosis. The survey reveals that most patients in Asia miss the critical connection between fragility fractures and osteoporosis resulting in delayed action to prevent future fractures.

Supported by the International Osteoporosis Foundation and Amgen, the Fight the Fracture-IOF Survey 2017 was conducted in June 2017, through interviews with 400 patients who have suffered a fragility fracture across five Asia Pacific countries/ territories – Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. All patients surveyed had suffered a fracture within the last two years and are aged 60 or older.

Key findings

A Failure to Connect

  • Nearly half of patients who have suffered a fracture do not know that it is a warning sign for osteoporosis1
  • Almost 40% fracture patients were not sure, or did not believe that they are at risk of having another fracture, whether at the same or different site1
  • Although a majority of patients (78%) claim they know what osteoporosis is, over 80% of patients believe that weak bones are an inevitable part of the ageing process1

What’s the Danger?

  • Almost 80% of patients have experienced a great impact on their quality of life due to their fracture1
  • 74% of patients in Asia Pacific who have had a fragility fracture say they are worried or very worried about breaking another bone.1 Furthermore, research shows that once a patient suffers a fragility fracture his or her risk of a future fracture increases up to 10 times2
  • Around 25% of patients who sustain a hip fracture die within a year, and less than half of those who survive regain their previous level of function3
  • Fractures take a detrimental toll on:4


The earlier the diagnosis, the better

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The Demystifying Ageing: Lifting the Burden of Fragility Fractures and Osteoporosis in Asia Pacific report and Infographics

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